Giuseppe Iannotti

Maddaloni - Campania

Giuseppe Iannotti

Giuseppe Iannotti, a MICHELIN-Starred chef, started his career in computer engineering but his passion for cooking led him back to school. With his acclaimed restaurant "Krèsios," Iannotti has made a name for himself in the Italian gastronomic scene. Now, with new projects in Naples, his talent continues to shine.

Born in Maddaloni in 1982, Giuseppe felt a strong attraction to the stove from a young age. However, in his studies, he followed reason more than instinct, and after completing scientific high school, he pursued computer engineering. Nevertheless, his passion for cooking resurfaced, leading him to make the decision to return to school, this time in the field of hospitality.

In 2007, he opened a restaurant in Castelvenere called "Krèsios," a name that evokes Bacchus or Dionysus, underscoring the significant role that wine plays both inside and outside the establishment. The chef himself describes "Krèsios" as "a fantastic bustling anthill," a perfect metaphor for the work of the chef and his staff.

Shortly after, "Krèsios Bottega" was inaugurated in Telese Terme, an emporium offering carefully selected gourmet specialties. In 2011, the two projects merged under the roof of a farmhouse just outside Telese, which now houses not only the gourmet restaurant and the shop but also a bistro and several elegant rooms.

In 2012, Giuseppe Iannotti was awarded the title of "Best Young Chef" by the L'Espresso Guide. The following year, he became a member of the association Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe (JRE) and received the "Twenty Years" award presented by San Pellegrino to an emerging protagonist of the Italian gastronomic scene at the Identità Milano 2013 congress. In 2014, he obtained the first Michelin star for "Krèsios," followed by a second in 2021.

In 2017, he was awarded for Innovation in Cuisine by the L'Espresso Guide, and the maître of Krèsios, Alfredo Buonanno, was named "Best Sommelier of the Year" in the L'Espresso Ristoranti 2018 Guide.

In 2018, Iannotti inaugurated "Iannotti Lab," an experimental laboratory that combines technology and design, housing all the technical tools gathered over the years as a representation of the driving force that fuels and grows his cuisine at "Krèsios." The laboratory has become a place of research and development, where Chef Iannotti experiments and shares his expertise.

Describing his passion, Giuseppe says, "I love traveling, discovering, and learning about new cultures, and for this reason, I have found special places around the world, while recognizing my strong roots in my homeland, Telese Terme. Connecting with and savoring new cultures is of fundamental importance to learn and subsequently experiment with new techniques and dishes. I have always sought to reach an international audience, strengthening an identity and a soul that I like to define as itinerant."

In 2022, in the Intesa Sanpaolo galleries in Naples, three new projects by Giuseppe were born. "Luminist," a bistro and café, "Anthill" cocktail bar, and the fine dining restaurant "177toledo."


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