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Fusilli with Cuttlefish and Rabbit Ragù: Enrico Mazzaroni's Unexpected Pasta Dish

copertina fusilli ragu coniglio e seppie enrico mazzaroni

No beef, but a mix of cuttlefish and rabbit to create this flavorful ragù, presented by chef Enrico Mazzaroni to dress his curdled milk fusilli.

Fusilli with curdled milk, cuttlefish and rabbit ragù, unriped plum

For the ragù

  • Tomato sauce 
  • One boneless rabbit 
  • One package of frozen cuttlefish 
  • 2 sausages 
  • Celery, carrot, and onion 
  • Mixed herbs 
  • Soy sauce and miso


Dice the rabbit into cubes and finely slice the cuttlefish heads, setting aside the rest. Sauté celery, carrot, and onion and add crumbled sausage. Later, add the rabbit, sauté, add all the other ingredients, let it simmer, and deglaze with white wine. At the end of cooking, incorporate the cuttlefish, which has been previously grilled and diced.

For the plum cream

  • 10 slighlty unriped plums


Bake for 15 minutes in the oven, then blend and strain through a fine sieve.

For the curdled milk

  • Fresh sheep's milk 
  • Vegetable rennet


Source fresh sheep's milk, heat it in a pot until it reaches a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, and strain it over vegetable rennet.

Plate composition

Cook the fusilli in plenty of salted water. Toss them in the curdled milk and place them in a dish at the bottom of which plum cream has been previously poured. Finish with the ragù.

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