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Artisanal Colombe 2024: Here Are The Best Ones to Buy For a Gourmet Easter

Lucia Facchini
copertina colombe 2024

From the pistachio spread cream version to the salty variant with guanciale, to the classic flavors (but not too much, because every leavening master has his own personal recipe!). All the Easter colombe worth grabbing before March 31st.

Less tempting than chocolate eggs, more basic than panettone, completely different from the creaminess of pastiera: The colomba often carries an air of snobbery compared to the average of other holiday desserts. However, we are convinced that the right product can seduce even the sworn enemies of the great Easter leavened. Among dark doughs, crispy covers, and juicy candied fruits, our selection is a convoy of springtime flavors that smoothly transitions from breakfast to the end of the meal. Here are 14 tastings for every taste (and for every gourmand) that will make you remember Easter 2024.


Stefano Guizzetti Panettone Amaro
Stefano Guizzetti (here with his Panettone Amaro)

It has been the highlight of the year: it fears no rivals, Stefano Guizzetti's Colomba, both for its impactful silhouette (nicely crafted glaze and harmonious development, with more extensive alveolation under the crust ), and for the sensory trail of the raw materials used (see the candied oranges from Sicily produced in Corrado Assenza's lab, with a characterful aftertaste and generous dimensions compared to the average). When cut, the bouquet of fragrances unfolds slowly, releasing - beyond the usual milky and fruity scents - sharp notes of honey and biscuit.

Colomba Classica Ciacco
Colomba pistacchio e lamponi Ciacco

The ice cream chemist leads a search for ingredients increasingly linked to the territory; examples include organic egg yolks and strictly centrifuged butter, purchased from a craftsman in Cuneo, and honey from the valleys of Parma. Adorning the sugar coat is the twin almond from Avola. The rip gives satisfaction, with the fluffy and stringy crumb. Also remarkable are the special versions Raspberry and Pistachio (provided with cream to "inject" into the dough just before using) and Apricots and chocolate (a single-origin from Uganda at 60%). All leavened for 48 hours.

Colombe Prices 1 kg
Chocolate and Apricots $43
Raspberry and Pistachio $45


colomba bedussi 2

A manual-worthy alveolation for Bedussi's leavened: the "spider web" of large and elongated alveoli prepares for a bite that must be savored slowly to grasp its full expressive potential. Take your time, perhaps at breakfast, and enjoy identifying the multiple fragrances that this sweet offers, from the doughy one to the "bakery smells," to the enveloping notes of "mou effect." Many egg yolks in the dough, made with a higher quantity of fresh eggs. The fruit stands out for the double presence of lemon peels and orange paste, in addition to the candied citrus fruits (but there are two types - Classic and apricot, with the latter having particularly creamy inserts). The sourdough starter undergoes two refreshments, followed by two doughs with a gradual addition of products (in the second, for example, there is the delicate acacia honey), until cooked for 50 minutes at 160 degrees.  On the palate, you can feel all the opulence of Elle&Vire butter, which touches almost 80% of the total weight of flour; yet, the aftertaste is light and dissolves leaving a clean sensation. Beautiful performance.

The colombe are for sale at a price of $43 each (800 g). They can be purchased with shipments throughout Italy via e-shop on and by phone.


nicola olivieri

A strong identity, that of Olivieri, which gradually adds new pieces to the mosaic of filled flavors (without resting on the achievements of a family company with over 140 years of history). It means, yes, continuing to make a classic Colomba of immediate recognition, but also being able to play with the bright hues of citrus and spices, giving international breath to a bakery that now ships to the USA in less than 2 days. All starting from the laboratory in Arzignano, which has set the standard by framing the artisanal product with a current perspective. This year we tasted the version based on candied lemon peel and Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, always with 48 hours of leavening, where the citrusy boost broadens the array of sensations, first detected aromatically and then tasted on the palate.

colomba limone e vaniglia olivieri 2
colomba limone e vaniglia olivieri 1

Textured yet simultaneously soluble dough, with an important crust (with double rice and almond flour in the glaze), ingredients suspended to leave a lasting impression, while preserving the memory of the natural sweetness. We also appreciated the medium sugar content, which marks the dividing line with most of the other products tasted. It is available in many variations (we highlight, for example, Apricot and Salted Caramel and Lemon with wild strawberries).

Prices range from $36 to $50. Orders on the dedicated shop

Diego Vitagliano

12Diego Vitagliano

A souvenir right from the packaging, with the profiles (and scents) of Naples immediately setting the mood for celebration. In addition to giving voice to the territory through pizza (awarded by 50 Top Italy and Gambero Rosso, and also landing in recent years in Rome and Dubai), Diego Vitagliano also pays homage to it with festive desserts, leaving a mark thanks to a live sourdough "cared for" with care (refreshed 3 times, with cycles of 3 and a half hours, for almost a total day of work). But it's the ingredients that trace the true identity of his Neapolitan colomba, from the candied Amalfi Coast Lemon Igp to the Pellecchiella Apricot of Vesuvius (both paired with white chocolate to balance their natural acidity by spreading a candid veil on the surface).

2Colomba classica Diego Vitagliano
7Colomba Pellecchiella Diego Vitagliano

Among the new entries, the Capres edition shoots its arrow well with ingredients that wink at the homonymous Campanian cake - see the cocoa dough and the exuberant livery of praline almonds. Purists can always opt for the classic, sincere and focused on the spontaneous fragrances of baked goods, where butter stays in line while weaving a silky texture.

Available with shipping throughout Italy through the e-shop on the website, and directly in the pizzerias of Naples, Bagnoli, and Pozzuoli (booking highly recommended). Filled at $43, traditional at $38.


matteo dolcemascolo 2024 03 16 01 36 49

Its colomba now soars over the Capital, thanks to the new store inaugurated at the end of last year in the center of Rome. From Frosinone to the Urbe, the leavening expert Matteo Dolcemascolo continues to churn out sweets with an indulgent taste, where high quality butter and vanilla blend together without one prevailing over the other in the olfactory sphere. The dough is vivid yellow due to the right amount of egg yolks, and the ingredients confirm the outsider's approach (how many products can boast the use of stone-ground type 1 flour?). In the standard version, the fluffy crumb stands out, along with a clean finish that encourages a second helping, plus the sincere candied fruits of artisanal origin.

colomba dolcemascolo
matteo dolcemascolo colomba pistacchio

The selection of fillings is constantly evolving, always the result of 3 full days of work: elegant and intense is the one with 60% chocolate and raspberries; generous, yet balanced in sugar content, is the one with pistachio spread cream gifts made by Matteo's dad; out of the ordinary is the one with forest fruits, for the surprise of an insert with pleasant persistence. For everything else, there are the curious cardboard eggs, the Neapolitan Easter pie “Pastiera”, and the homemade casatiello.

Available at the two pastry shops in Rome and Frosinone or through the e-shop.

Luca Pezzetta

mrcforno colombe 50

If Fiumicino is increasingly a "magnet" for foodies from everywhere, much of the credit undoubtedly goes to Luca Pezzetta, who with his two establishments - Pizzeria Clementina and the newborn Microforno - never ceases to reserve delightful surprises, from savory to sweet. At Easter, the soft festive leavened bread soars high, present in two flavors: Classic Colomba and with Chocolate, Maccarese Almonds and Piedmontese hazelnuts. The talented leavening expert inserts in the traditional version a Sicilian citrus jam entirely made in their lab, starting precisely from oranges. These are cooked with cane sugar until obtaining a jam that serves as a 100% artisanal aromatic boost, thus enriching the crumb with fresh fruity notes.

ColombaAlCioccolato3 credits Slevin

The three-phase leavening of the dough reaches 36 hours and gives a product of great softness, with the correct moisture and elasticity when cut. Credit also goes to the chosen raw materials: French butter from centrifuged fresh cream, Bourbon vanilla, wildflower honey, type 0 flour, and Maccarese Almonds, transformed into paste and emulsified with sugar to make the elegant glaze. In case you want to give it as a gift, the eye-catching and pop packaging signed by Slevin will make the gift particularly appreciated.

The colombe cost $43 and can be purchased at MICRO FORNO Luca Pezzetta, on the Online Shop with delivery throughout Italy, at Pizzeria Clementina, and inside the Duty-Free at Fiumicino Airport 'Leonardo Da Vinci'.

Casa Manfredi

2Giorgia Proia e la colomba photo by CoffeeAndLucas MyMediaStudio

Giorgia Proia brings precision work to the table with few equals in the Roman scene: method and sensitivity merge into a distinctive leavened bread that, when cut, releases precise notes of brioche, fresh cream, and subtle hints of caramel. What in other colombe levels the taste here gains depth, given the use of selected raw materials (Agrimontana acacia honey, not too intrusive, and Noto almonds), plus an excellent glaze-crumb ratio.

4Colomba Tradizionale Casa Manfredi photo by CoffeeAndLucas MyMediaStudio
@Coffee and Lucas- My meta studio

We highly recommend the Raspberry and Pistachio edition, all about the crossover between fresh and dried fruit, and the savory Easter Colomba, where the vegetable Burroliva meets genuine artichoke and guanciale inserts, in full Roman style. The "base" dessert boasts an airy dough and regular alveoli: it melts in the mouth as expected. Last but not least, the chocolate version with hazelnut cocoa dough and Vesuvius Pellecchiella Apricot.

All priced at $45 , except for the savory one at $54. Available at all three Casa Manfredi locations and on the online shop ( with delivery throughout Italy (for info and reservations: P. 0697605829 –



Sicilian baroque in edible form, with lines of candied citrus and carefully placed chocolate drizzles, always with the right amount in fillings. The name "Bonfissuto" immediately evokes the flourishing island pastries, represented by the sign of Canicattì with Giulio and Vincenzo at the helm of the lab. If you love the combination of salty and sweet, then the Colomba with drizzles of salted caramel and Mozia salt is perfect for you, obtained through natural evaporation of the Saline in the Egadi Islands Lagoon. A refreshing bite, even after a sumptuous meal: the sharp finale of crystals adds a kick to the bite, balancing notes of vanilla and dulce de leche.


Brand new is also the edition based on IGT Campana Annurca Apple semi-candied and limoncello made from 100% indigenous fruits, which emphasizes the flavors of the South with a new regional partnership. We appreciated the alcoholic part, present yet gentle.

The products are available for purchase on the e-commerce website


colomba gianduia lorenzetti

We are in the Verona area, homeland of Pandoro and Nadalin, but Lorenzetti also ties his name to the grand Easter dessert. We particularly highlight the "wine-themed" variant with Recioto della Valpolicella, joyful blend between the wine and pastry customs of the area. Behind the product, a small laboratory wonder: Daniele Lorenzetti treats the alcoholic part under vacuum, at low temperature, obtaining a glaze partially replacing honey that limits the addition of sugars to the dough.

colomba vin recioto lorenzetti

But that's not all: the innovation also affects the suspensions, where hazelnuts and pine nuts accompany the usual almonds, while the nose discovers extra hints of cocoa and cornmeal. A unique dessert that crosses the borders of the "already seen and tasted". However, if you're in the mood for evergreen, here comes the classic version, with pear and dark chocolate cubes, hazelnut spread, or with wholemeal dough and semi-candied apricots. The latter, enriched with "raw" stone-ground flour and muscovado sugar, pays particular attention to nutritional balance without sacrificing the indulgence of the end of the meal.
Shop here. Products priced at $45.

Iginio Massari

iginio massari 2024 03 16 02 18 32

The "master of masters" shows how often quality is directly proportional to numbers: a matter of method, decades of experience, and ongoing research. Iginio Massari's Colombe are many (the choice is difficult) and we do not claim to exhaust the discussion in a few lines. However, we mention our favorites, with the necessary considerations: if you have opted for the old school version, you will be struck first by the "airy" consistency, the result of 4 leavenings and 2 doughs for a total genesis of 62 hours. The glaze is compact and particularly aromatic, thanks to the use of whole raw almonds with a cocoa reinforcement.

ColombaCioccolatoeLampone iginio massari

In limited edition, the sweet covered with raspberry cream, with bittersweet chocolate chips and candied raspberries inside, is worth the expense; among the must-eats is the Coconut and cinnamon, in a white dress made of thin tropical flakes.

For prices, info, and purchases: shop


vincenzo tiri 2024 03 16 02 04 09

Of admirable consistency, with few equals: Vincenzo Tiri lives up to the name and expectations placed in a dessert that, in its own way, has set the standard. Firstly, for the sourcing of local delicacies, such as the "Arancia staccia lucana" (present at 25% in candied form); then for the slow and deliberate processes, up to the record of 72 hours of leavening starting from a century-old "sourdough starter"; finally, for the palate outcome, where the dough is literally a cloud of goodness.

colomba classica tiri

On top, we find crunchy and well-distributed almonds, which create a pleasant contrast with the soft center. The glaze, instead, releases a slight scent of toasting that gradually unfolds into other aromas (cocoa is also among the ingredients). Treat yourself.

Here's the e-commerce link. Colombe range from $47 to $50.

300mila Lecce

300mila MarcoSilvestro Colomba 8384

We were won over by the sumptuous shell, where the Toritto almonds dispense an extra dose of crunchiness and the glaze is perfectly balanced. The product (made with a 20-year-old sourdough starter and ingredients mostly linked to the short Puglian supply chain) is light in the dough, fragrant with citrus, and not too sweet.

300mila Colomba phITesoro 3273

A "good" colomba to taste and give away, (also) because it's the result of a social project that sees the entrepreneur Davide de Matteis - multiple times awarded for the best coffee and pastry shop of the year by Gambero Rosso - collaborate with the former juvenile prison of Lecce, whose workshop offers a valuable opportunity for work reintegration to the inmates of the Borgo San Nicola Penitentiary. Generous and substantial fillings, while the minimal packaging leaves the stage to the product.

They can be purchased at 300mila in via 47° Rgt Fanteria 3/5 in the heart of Lecce, or by ordering them over the phone number 0832.307448, Cost: $38.

Gino Fabbri

colomba gino fabbri

Short list, clean label, and the experience of a great pastry chef: Gino Fabbri's colombe are a guarantee of authenticity. It starts with a few selected ingredients such as cubes of untreated and unpasteurized orange, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, and butter strictly centrifuged. And then, before the dessert is ready, it takes at least 3 days of work, from the triple initial refreshment of the sourdough starter to the "rest" of the colombe overturned for 12 hours. The result is an elegant product, with plump sides and compact glazing, smelling of fresh milk and citrus fruits (also inserted in the form of paste to flavor the crumb).

colomba classica gino fabbri 2024 03 16 01 36 48

This year, it is available in Classic, Delight (with candied apricots, almond paste cubes, and almond glaze with sugar granules) and Divine (with drops of dark and milk chocolate, almond and cocoa glaze, plus sugar granules).

Prices: $48-$52 on the pastry chef's shop.

Maestri AMPI

From the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs comes, as usual, a wealth of surprises to celebrate in style. There are, therefore, Carmen Vecchione's colombe (AMPI pastry shop Dolciarte di Avellino), among which the "Coffee and milk" version stands out for enjoyability - perfect also as a sweet for dipping at breakfast - and the citrus dough with mandarin and muscovado sugar; still, the AMPI Caprice Fabrizio Camplone of Pescara creates artisan colombe of thickness, according to the master's golden rules - long leavenings, natural flavors, and a careful management of the live sourdough starter. And the chocolate eggs? Three addresses to play it safe, buying decorated "sculptures" that reconcile aesthetics and the selection of black gold: Lucca Cantarin (AMPI Pasticceria Marisa), Maurizio Frau (AMPI Chocolate and pastry consultant in Sardinia, in Cagliari) and Roberto Cantolacqua (AMPI Roberto Cantolacqua Pasticcere in Tolentino).

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