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Zoff Farm, a Countryside Gem: The Family Selling Cheeses to Michelin-Starred Chefs

Francesca Feresin
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In the province of Gorizia, in Cormons, the Zoff family produces raw milk and natural rennet cheeses, dairy products, yogurt, and certified organic meat, available for tasting on-site and in some of the most renowned establishments in the area.

The story 

We are in Cormons, at Zoff Farm, an oasis of peace away from the city chaos. A unique place that respects the land, animals, seasons, and people. How? Through ethical and conscious breeding of Italian Red Pied cows and the subsequent production of certified organic raw milk and natural rennet cheeses, dairy products, and premium meats.

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In Friuli-Venezia Giulia, it is well-known, highly recognized. A historic supplier to important gastronomic establishments, such as the Michelin-starred restaurant Trattoria al Cacciatore at La Subida, Zoff is famous for dairy and cheese that are far from what you find on supermarket shelves. The rich-flavored yellow pasta of the youngest cheese exudes aromas of fresh hay and just-cut grass, while the savory caciotte, enhanced with herbs and flowers, transport you to meadows untouched by pollution. Yogurt, fresh milk, and ice cream tell the genuine taste of raw ingredients.

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For about twenty years, Zoff has followed a farming model based on respecting the needs of animals and the quality of products. "We adapted to the conditions of the animals," says Giuseppe Zoff, known by everyone as Beppino, the soul, brain, hands, and feet of the company, always present in the stable or workshop.

Giuseppe e vacca

Like a true contrarian, not following pre-established paths, after inheriting the cows from his parents, Alfredo and Matilde, Beppino fulfills his dream: to open a farm. Alongside him, founding the business, is Patrizia, a multitasker in agritourism and the one who first initiated cheese production. Now a super grandmother and a great breakfast preparer for the establishment's guests.

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The company and the products

As mentioned, Zoff aims for quality over quantity. The cows' diet consists mainly of high-quality forage, both fresh, such as grass, and dried (hay), all of excellent quality. The goodness of Zoff's products results from the animals' lifestyle, free to move with an excellent diet and proper hygienic management. The stable has been renovated according to the latest concepts of animal welfare, favoring rest, hygiene, and social interactions among the animals. Grazing is managed through the rotation method, ensuring maximum respect for soil fertility and biodiversity.

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Moreover, in recent years, the company has committed to maintaining a circular production for human and animal sustenance and well-being: it sources animal feed strictly from hay and herbs, compost for fields, cheeses and dairy products, and meat. The use of antibiotics is reduced. "We work with bacteria," Beppino reminds me.

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Furthermore, the company organizes getaways at the Borg da Ocjs agritourism, close to nature, cheese tastings, and events for both young and old on the farm. The advancements in the company are credited to Laura, Patrizia and Beppino's eldest daughter, the creative soul of the Zoff family, always at the forefront of organizing visits and tastings and managing the on-site store. After a completely different educational path, in 2009 she decides, together with her husband Fabio, now Zoff's cheese maker, to build her family in the countryside and help in the business.

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You can't leave Friuli without taking a bite of their 2-month-old Latteria cheese, delicate and buttery, or the 6-month-old one, explosively flavorful, up to the 365, aged for a year, born out of necessity during the lockdown and now the flagship of the farm. Then there's the Latteria aged in the Fossa dell'Abbondanza, slightly spicy, the Tenerone produced with kid rennet, just like the caciotta. There's also Zoffarella, a local fiordilatte paying homage to Campana mozzarella, ricotta, primosale, stracchino, and especially yogurt, only white, sweet and delicate because it is produced directly in the jar.

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Here, the packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Gelato, cocktails, and excellent meat, from fillet to ribeye through minced meat, can be pre-booked in advance for mouth-watering sauces and barbecues. And if you find the farm closed, there's MrCheese, a 24/7 active vending machine in the riding stable in Subida.

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Società Agricola Società Semplice, via Parini 18  - 34071 Cormons (GO)

Phone. +39.0481.67204


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